My 10 point program – Mon programme en 10 points-clés

février 17, 2010

Laser Tag is awesome

Nelson is awesome !

As promised (you see, I keep my promises), here is my ten point program:

1) Sleep with the most famous French cougar, Christine Okrente (just a personal challenge)

2) Replace the Sunday afternoon ice skating program with lasertag championships (Nelson Monfort, you’re in: you’re huge man)

3) Make Robin Sparkles my Minister of culture and Pierrette Brès, Minister of Sports (as a tribute to his unofficial relationship with my dad. No, my dad wasn’t a horse).

4) Turn my Suit Song into the new French National Anthem

5) Set up Whisky-Cigar clubs in every day-care center and kindergarden (good manners must be learned at an early stage unless you want to end up Canadian, you already have their language, that’s enough)

6) A suit for everyone

7) Grand openings of McLaren’s franchises in every city (yes, even in Bethune, obviously additional stock will be planned)

8 ) Practice of magic starting from junior high school

9) Make the Bro Code the official state religion

10) Turn France into an awesome country

Comme promis (voyez, je tiens mes promesses), voici mon programme en 10 points-clés :

1) Coucher avec le plus énorme des cougards français, j’ai nommé  Christine Okrente (Juste un défit personnel)

2) Remplacer la diffusion (le dimanche après-midi sur France 3) du patinage artistique par des tournois de Laser tag (Nelson Monfort, je te garde, tu es énorme)

3) Faire de Robin Sparkles ma ministre de la culture et de Pierrette Brès ministre des sports (en hommage à sa relation non-officielle avec mon père. Non, mon père n’était pas un cheval)

4) Faire de ma Suit Song le nouvel hymne national

5) Monter des clubs de Whisky-Cigare dans toutes les crèches et écoles maternelles (les bonnes pratiques doivent être inculquées tôt sous peine de finir canadien, vous avez déjà leur langue, c’est déjà assez)


7) L’ouverture de franchises McLaren’s dans chaque ville (oui, même à Béthune, des stocks supplémentaires seraient prévus à cet effet)

8 ) Pratique de la magie dès le collège

9) Faire du Bro Code la religion d’Etat officielle

10)Faire de la France un pays tout simplement énorme


8 commentaires

  1. Génial !! Vivement 2012 !!

  2. Do you want me to be your Prime Minister ?

  3. J’approuve ce programme à 200%
    Barney Stinson président !

  4. Pas mal pas mal 🙂

  5. France is already an awesome country 🙂 But i think all frenchies will vote for you 😉 Gl

  6. Oh my god this is huge, this is awesome.
    This is the best news ever!

    Que dis-je c’est insensé, génial, excitant!

    Sylvain, Proud to vote for Barney Stinson on 2012.

    Barney Stinson, un président hallucinant pour faire la France tout simplement énorme!

  7. French is already an awesome country !

    Go Barney Go. I’ll vote for you !

  8. 1. Aim for Anne Sinclair, her hubby’s already cheating on her in the US, she’ll most probably be soooooo open to new experiments, especially with the Barnicle ^^
    2. If some lasertag players are more likely to humiliate themselves as much as Brian Joubert did, and confess on every media that they totally suck and should disappear, I’m so in for that move !!
    3. You HAVE to make Marshall Minister of Ecology and Environment ! If not, he’s going to be soooo depressed, poor lad !
    4. Waiting forward to watch French rugbymen sing it on the field, especially in front of the All Black team ! Feaaaar !! ahah
    5. Yeah, btw, we have some « mounties », but please get rid of those stupid « cyclies », justice just cannot ride a bike.
    6. Beware the white sports socks… frenchies can lack taste sometimes…
    7. Make that tha whole north. Please for you information, make sure you do not miss any episode of « Confession Intimes », as you may have to study very hard the people you are to govern very soon. Tons of usefulless information, oooh yeah.
    8. The kinda magic you use to hit on chicks ? « wanna see me do a trick ? » « hell yeah » « well, i’m gonna make sweet love to you, and then guess what ? you’ll totally disappear ! »
    9. Mmkay.
    10. You might have to free some french regions in order to achieve this cool goal.

    Nice job, Swarley !

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